In your time, not mine.

New year clock midnight

I am not a morning person; not by any stretch of the imagination.

This is an issue because I work a day job that includes a 7:30AM start time and a thirty minute commute.

I know exactly how much time it takes to snooze, shower, dress, pack my lunch, get in my car and get to work every day. Five minutes will literally make or break my morning. Five minutes can extend my commute by an extra twenty minutes which makes me late. Five minutes is the difference between bumper-to-bumper traffic and an open lane all the way to my office. Five minutes determines whether or not I have to worry about how much gas is in my car when I started with less than a quarter of a tank. Five minutes will make a relatively easy and enjoyable drive to work, brutal and exhausting.

Today, it was HORRIFIC.

As I sat in my car, forty minutes into the drive (and nowhere near my office), I found myself thinking about how my mornings are very much reminiscent of our lives as believers.

We want everything in our time. We want to succeed in our own time, mature in our own time, rest in our own time and work in our own time. We want to control the clock, the calendar, the seasons and if we could, even the orbit of the planet on which we live.

As mothers we want time to slow down so our children don’t grow so quickly. As young adults, we want time to speed up so we can come into our own without the control of adults around us. As singles we want to decide when we meet the person of our dreams and start our lives and families. As marrieds, we want to plan out every moment to maximize quality time. As we age, we want the clock to simply stop altogether so we don’t have to feel the inevitable pain and loss that comes with passing from this life.

The Bible is clear, in that, from the very beginning, God controlled time. He decided on day and night, sun and moon…even the very seasons. He designed the principle and process of sowing & reaping. He determined the exact moment in history when He would fulfill prophesy and His own purpose for mankind by sending His Son to teach us, die for us, resurrect and ascend for us.

Why then, if we know that God has a pretty successful handle on timing, do we continue to struggle between fits of “Now, God!” and “Wait! Not yet Lord! I’m not ready!“?

If we could just truly accept…with heart, soul & mind…that God’s timing is PERFECT, our lives would be so different.

If we moved when God said move.

If we stayed when God said stay.

If we rested when God said rest and worked only when He said to.

If we would just trust Him, would life be more like waking up on time and driving through life with less frustration, less anxiety, less fear?

I can’t help but wonder.




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