Hey! Where’ve you been?


Seems like every post of the last year has been a nod to some form of “anonymous” meeting.

“Hello, my name is Brandi, and it’s been four months since my last blog post.”

And although I’m a little bummed about not posting more here, my reason for not doing so is amazing.

At the end of last year, the Saint and I sat down with three other couples around our dinner table and mapped out what would become the greatest adventure we could imagine. We were going to plant a church. Led by an amazing pastor and his incredibly bold wife, we committed to walking into ministry.

What started as a Wednesday night Bible study, has since grown to a passionate crew of over 100 men, women & young people each Sunday morning. It’s nothing fancy (yet)…we meet in the cafeteria of my son’s elementary school and there is an incredible amount of work that goes into turning that space into a complete church facility, but let me just tell you, that it is worth every single drop of sweat!

Today we served at our 9th Sunday service for Pneuma Life Church (pronounce noo-mah) and twelve hours later I am still stunned by the blessings the day brought.

Ministry is not an easy life. That’s not a new concept to me, but the perspective has certainly changed since I was 20.

At 20, I had strong, female, leaders that were more focused on instructing the young pastor’s wives around us on the need for chastity, discretion, the proper degrees of separation between us and the congregation. Today, at 40, I’m surrounded by an equally strong group of, both male and female, leaders that are more focused on cultivating real spiritual growth, building community, and making room for the Holy Spirit to empower and anoint leaders of all types within the church.

Now, as I serve as the head of the creative team of our church, I am incredibly humbled by both the opportunity to be in ministry and the heart of the community of believers I’m serving. Over the course of the last four months, the church became something completely different to us. While I’ve been “in church” for most of my life now, I can’t truly say that I’ve ever thought that the church was also in me. Living a life that honors God, every day, isn’t about wearing the right length skirt, or avoiding R-rated movies, or never being seen in the company of sinners. It’s about coming as we are, transforming our hearts from the deepest recesses to our most shallow thoughts, and reaching people just as Jesus did.

So, when I’m not writing here, I’m writing there. Writing, singing, leading worship, encouraging, loving others, supporting wherever I’m called because that’s what community does. We take care of each other.

But here is also part of my ministry, and God has been making it very clear that here also needs my attention. So, I’ve carved it out on my calendar (because I live and die by my calendar, that’s just how I roll) and once a week you will get somewhere between 4 and 4000 words about life as I now know it.

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.



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