Project 52

I have this friend who is young enough to be my daughter. I adore her. She’s honorary big sister to my daughter, calls me her “Florida Mom”,  and she embodies free-spirited creativity in just about everything she does.

Toward the end of 2017, we began chatting about and challenging each other to be braver, bolder, more intentional about expressing ourselves. We agreed to do a Project 52 together in the new year and I’ve determined that this is where I will store the links to all 52 posts. We determined to focus on gratitude with our posts and committed to incorporate a self-portrait with each post related to the topic of the week.

Because I have an incredible need for organization, planning, and mental preparation, I’m going to link each week below along with the topic.

Mimi (our pet name for Maeghan) and I agreed that we would start and end our projects the very same but would let our hearts lead us the other 50 weeks.

PROJECT 52- Gratitude Project

  1. Week 1: Why am I doing this?
  2. Week 2: My Favorite Physical Trait?
  3. Week 3: Something Someone Gave Me